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Our Mission

The mission of Automated Completions Technologies is to bring innovative solutions and optimized technologies to the well completions & drilling industries.


At ACT, we come to work every day because we want to solve one of the biggest problems in completing extended reach wells. Oil companies are looking to increase the median length of production zones. Drilling companies are stepping up with innovative software and hardware solutions and completing these wells is becoming increasingly difficult. Coiled Tubing has reached its limit and now Hydraulic Assist Units (Snubbing) have answered the call. Properly trained and seasoned manpower is increasingly hard to acquire in the US market today, and this trend appears to be the future. Automation allows us to continue to move the energy sector forward in today’s labor market, allowing the machine to perform the daily task involved in drilling, completing, or working over a well.

At ACT, we believe that technology should be used to simplify operations, lower costs, improve safety and allow the operator to monitor the operations instead of manually controlling the operations. Building equipment that solves the fundamental operational roadblocks and is capable of being automated is the future trend for completions sector going forward. Today’s equipment is not the answer. The right solution lowers cost, improves efficiency, solves the road blocks of industry, improves safety and allows automation to control and enhance operations.