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Jointed Pipe Injector

The first step to a new level in Production Well Completion Operations is the Jointed Pipe Hydraulic Assist Injector Technology that runs pipe continuously into or out of the hole, never loses grip of the pipe while gripping above and below the coupling but not on the coupling.

The centerpiece of this new technology is the Patent Pending Retractable Gripper Block System.

The retractable gripper blocks continuously grip above, grip below, but do not grip on the coupling between tubulars.

A production hydraulic assist well completion operation that runs into and out of the wellbore at 3,000 feet per hour, walks between wells in 1 hour and provides the operator with automated control of the process while removing personnel from harm’s way is the solution to significantly reducing the costs of completions.

Making and breaking of connections while moving tubulars in and out of the wellbore with full control of speed and force. The continuous injection of jointed pipe can be achieved.

Model Dimensions Pull Capacity (lbs)
100K 73″ x 132″ x 47″ 100,000
150K 73″ x 198″ x 59″ 150,000
250K 73″ x 240″ x 59″ * 250,000
350K TBD 350,000

*Dimensions may change from published