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Patent Pending Jointed Pipe Injector System
The latest technology in Hydraulic Workover, FASTER than Traditional Jacking Systems, MORE ECONOMICAL, and COMPLETING WITH JOINTED PIPE FURTHER than Coil when completing extended reach horizontals.

Keep constant hold of your Drill Pipe/Tubing!

Transport, Deploy and Move Well to Well FAST!

Unlimited Reach Drill Outs & Clean Outs!

The first step to a new level in Production Well Completion Operations is the Jointed Pipe Hydraulic Workover Injector Technology that runs pipe continuously into or out of the hole, never lose grip of your drill pipe/tubing through pipe!

The center piece of this new technology is the Patent Pending Retractable Gripper Block System.

Jointed Pipe Injector

Why will Hydraulic Workover Operators lead this paradigm shift in Production Well Completion?

  • Coil tubing has reached it limits of transportable weight and its reliability to reach measured depths

  • Jointed pipe is transportable for any measured depth

  • Managing and moving jointed tubulars into and out of a pressurized well bore, drilling plugs and reliable clean outs.

  • A Jointed pipe hydraulic workover technology that is ready to run faster and less costly than coil in extended reach laterals

Can time and cost of completing extended multi-lateral wells, drilling plugs, milling and cleanouts to 30,000 feet and beyond be significantly reduced by 20%, 30% or 40%?

With the Jointed Pipe Injector System, it can! Our latest innovation in hydraulic workovers is a game changer for the industry. That means…

No Guide Tubes or Risk of Pipe Buckling Above the BOPs

The injector’s retractable gripper blocks never lose grip on the tubular. They stay in constant contact with the pipe, directly above and below the coupling (but not on the coupling).

Fast & Automated Drilling/Milling

Your operations group will notice a significant increase in the speed of operation, compared to the conventional hydraulic workover process. There’s no up and down cylinder jacking movement. Instead, there’s a continuous movement of the pipe entering and exiting the well-bore at close to the speed of coil.

Safe Working Environment

There is no need for hydraulic levers to be pulled thousands of times per hole.This removes any safety concerns for the hydraulic workover operator. The operator will now be managing the controls and the overall operation into pressurized well-bores.

The retractable gripper blocks continuously grip above, grip below, but do not grip on the coupling between tubulars.

A production well completion operation that runs into and out of the wellbore at 3,000 feet per hour, walks between wells in 1 hour and provides the operator with automated control of the process while removing personnel from harms way is the solution to significantly reducing the costs of completions.

Making and breaking of connections while moving tubulars in and out of the wellbore with full control of speed and force. The continuous injection of jointed pipe can be achieved.

  • Eliminate guide tubes and the risk of buckling tubulars

  • Eliminate the risk of losing grip of the pipe

  • Increase speed and reduce cost of operations

  • Remove personnel from harm’s way

Full Automation

The power swivel, hydraulic hoisting system and the pipe handling system are all brought together and work seamlessly to create a powerful and fully automated machine. The operator works remotely from a control cab.

Disruptive Injector Delivery

Since the beginning of directional drilling, the industry has been pushing technology further and further to reach longer laterals, which has been a challenge for coil tubing providers. Hydraulic workover companies have been looking to be the 1st choice for operators to deliver fast, safe, and cost-effective solutions. Introducing the first injector that allows hydraulic workover operators to reach the deepest depths of 30,000 feet and beyond!